Nizamabad Inter-State Highway Flood Due To Heavy Rainfall

Heavy Rainfall Nizambad - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: The rains are causing havoc and damage to the property. Heavy rains recently resulted in the complete submerging of an inter-State highway at Kandukurthi Triveeni Sangamam in Nizamabad district. Rainwater led to the rise in levels of the Godavari River which in turn caused the highway to go down.

Heavy rains continue in the district and it has led to many roads becoming unsafe for travel. The river water continues to submerge the highway. Police officers are on alert and have closed down the highway road. No vehicle, especially two-wheelers are allowed to ride on that highway road. Not just the police, but the villagers are also alert.

The villagers are helping out the police officers in maintaining order. They are keeping an eye on all the vehicles and people travelling from that area.

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Officials are waiting for the water levels to come down. They have plans for repair work once the rain stops. Not just the highway but other parts of Nizamabad district are also experiencing heavy rainfall and a result of which was property damage. In fact, the Nizamabad district has been receiving heavier rainfall when compared to other districts.  

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