Male TV Anchor Kidnapped By Hyd Girl, Gets Arrested

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In a shocking incident, a girl has reportedly kidnapped a male TV anchor. This took place in Hyderabad. 

The Uppal police have arrested Bhogireddy Trishna, a young entrepreneur, for allegedly kidnapping television channel anchor Pranav. The incident, which shocked the entire city, occurred when Trishna fell in love with Pranav's matrimony profile created by online scammers. 

Running a digital marketing company and founding five start-up companies, Trishna fell for Pranav's profile on online matrimony portal. However, it was eventually discovered that Pranav's images and personal data had been used without permission to create a fictitious profile. Despite this, Trishna chose to approach the anchor after growing fond of him.

The situation took a drastic turn when Trishna allegedly kidnapped Pranav, leading to his escape. Following Pranav’s complaint and subsequent injuries sustained during the ordeal, authorities acted promptly.

When Trishna was questioned, she claimed to have given Pranav a large amount of money, but the authorities could find no proof to back up her claim. Malkagijiri's ACP Purushottam Reddy emphasized that Pranav was not at fault in this situation.

Trishna may now be subject to legal action for her actions while the investigation is ongoing, and law enforcement officials are still focused on determining the motive.

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