Double Dhamaka For Manthani Voters

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Manthani constituency in Telangana is witnessing an interesting contest of one-upmanship. Two major leaders from rival parties are vying to take up competitive social service. Both the leaders have their eyes on gaining popularity in the assembly constituency.

Former minister and Congress leader Duddilla Sridhar Babu is no stranger to Manthani. He has represented the constituency several times. His rival Putta Madhu from the TRS had won in 2014 over Sridhar Babu, but lost in 2018. So, both the politicians are involved in several plans to win the hearts and minds of the voters.

Both the leaders are serving food to the poor who are hit by the Corona and the lockdown. They are organizing free food and other essential commodities to the voters. Both are involved in cremating the people who died because of various ailments, including Corona. Interestingly, both the leaders are not baulking at personally being present at the cremation of those who died due to Corona. They are doing this at a time when even the relatives are running away from the cremation.

For the voters of Manthani, this is a double dhamaka as they are getting the best of both the worlds. 

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