Adivasis to Mark Jangubai Jatara in Asifabad From Jan 4

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Adivasis are all ready to celebrate Jangubai Jatara, one of the most important religious and cultural affairs of aboriginal tribals. This will be conducted for a month and will start in the first week of January. They revere the deity at a cave temple in Sahyadri hills in the forests of Mukdamguda and Kotaparandoli villages in Kerameri Mandal. The Raj Gonds and Kolams belonging to eight phratries from various parts of Telangana and neighbouring Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh visit the holy place and worship the deity. They will follow traditions for a period of 30 days.

Devotees visit the place through different modes of transport whereas some walk large miles on foot from Indervelli Mandal to reach the sacred place. 
The festivities will begin on January 4 with tribals conducting 'Devve Niruswal,' or lighting the lamp that represents the deity at the temple, according to Jangu Patel, a member of the jatra organizing committee. He said that arrangements have been made for the smooth conduct of Jangubai Jatara.

Many devotees carry bamboo baskets on their heads, play traditional instruments like Sanayi, Kalikom, and Tudum, and beat drums. Rice milled using traditional ways, wheat, jaggery, and oil produced from sesame or castor seeds are among the ingredients present in the baskets. They make special naivedyam and offer it to the deity. They also dance to the drum beats and worship the deity with much devotion.

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