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We are living in an era where Artificial Intelligence has touched various aspects of our lives. AI solutions are those pre built solutions that can be customized according to the needs and designed in such a manner that it caters to specific needs and unique challenges of businesses. Leveraging computers and machines, they can get the work done in lesser time and with much lesser efforts. Today we have AI assisted personalized shopping assistants, fraud prevention, voice assistants, personalized learning and also smart content creators. Following are some companies that have created a mark and brought about phenomenal changes with the help of their AI based solutions.

Haptik - AI based Conversational solutions

While the contact centre industry has been thriving for decades now, it was in the last 10 years that AI based chatbots automated the process to provide quick solutions to the customers. With this short turnaround time, customers are happy and so are the businesses as it yields to direct increase in sales. Haptik’s Chatbots, Coversation Studio, Live Agent Support and CX Notifications are built with the aim of having happy customers due to the great conversations they have. The AI based Conversational Solutions cater to all the needs of the business and customers from a single platform.

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Payoda - IT Services and Digital Solutions

Payoda is a pioneering name in the software development space since the advent of the dot com era, offering cutting-edge solutions with a human centric approach driven by digitization. One of its flagship offerings, AppViewX, is a web application that can control the data centre from a central location while working with many servers and vendors and offering integrated solutions. With over 100 clients under its belt, including an eGovernance project in India, Payoda is unquestionably a well-known brand in the industry. Artificial Intelligence, Experience design, advanced analytics, product engineering, robotic process automation, and Internet of Things, which is currently trending and is predicted to be the industry's future, are some of the major services offered by it. - Recurring payment solutions

It offers tech-based solutions for any form of recurring payment. This enables the user to have an alternate to lengthy procedures in traditional industry solutions, as the payment is done the same day with its rapid and reliable B2B recurring auto-debit solutions. Thus, if you need to pay weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or yearly payments then Paycorp will automate the process, without you having to remember the due date. In addition to offering a number of digital touchpoints for easy access, such as WhatsApp, link push, and a website, the provider of recurring auto debit solutions also offers a range of payment choices, such as ACH, UPI, and has a direct interface with at least six banks, which further ensure payment processing within a short time period.

Booth AI- AI photography creation

With an image production platform powered by generative AI, Booth AI gives businesses the ability to boost their creative output. Booth AI is a substitute for labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming commercial product lifestyle photoshoots that enables firms to quickly and affordably create hyper-personalized images for any use. Brand managers, merchandisers, and marketers can quickly create stunning lifestyle shots using the simple-to-use, web-based Booth AI tool for a fraction of the price of conventional photoshoots.

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