Priyanka Chopra's former stylist denies telling her she's not 'sample-sized'

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Los Angeles, March 21 (IANS) Priyanka Chopra's former-stylist Law Roach said that he has nothing to do with the Indian actress' body-shaming incident.

More than a week after the 'Baywatch' actress publicly claimed that someone told her she "wasn't sample-sized," the 'Legendary' judge made it clear that he has nothing to do with the hurtful remarks, reports

In an interview with The Cut published on Friday, March 17, the celebrity stylist was asked about how he felt reading the actress' story.

In response, he clarified: "It was a little bit hurtful in a way that it ended up in the press, you know? Because that wasn't the real conversation. I've never had that conversation with her, ever."

Law, who styled Priyanka for her appearance at the SXSW Film Festival panel, went on to share his thoughts on whom to blame.

"So again, it is her gatekeepers, how they presented what I said to her to make her feel that way," he pointed out.

"And if that made her feel bad, that wasn't - it was taken out of context."

"But I'm sure it was taken outta context to get her to be like, 'Oh, okay, I'm not working with him no more. He's insensitive to my body,'" the longtime stylist of Zendaya Coleman continued.

"Which I'm like, 'How is that possible? I've been dressing you for literally pre-pandemic, and it's been nothing but great things.'"

Law further shared his candid thoughts on Priyanka's agents.

"I think sometimes what it is with them is that they have an agenda and I need to be the bad guy because I'm the one who's dealing with the clothes and the body," he stated. "Like, I need to be the one who says, you know, and I'm not talking about her."

"I'm just talking about in general, like, I need to be the one to say, 'Oh, you know, be careful because, you know, the pictures aren't as beautiful because you coming across, you know, a little thicker than you used to be,' " Law went on elaborating.

"It is, like, so they'll say that to me or have a discussion with me but then take it back as if I was the lead in the discussion," he continued.

"And I'm not saying that's exactly what happened, but that's what feels like happened to me."

Despite what happened, the former "America's Next Top Model" judge had no hard feelings towards Priyanka. "But I was really surprised that - I love Priyanka. When you are around her, there's only so many women in this industry that have that thing," he declared.

Law went on to shower Priyanka with praises. "I'm constantly inspired by women, and she has this thing that's very Old Hollywood, Sophia Loren, it drives me crazy," he gushed. "She has a twinkle, she has a wiggle, and I love her, like, even as a person."

Priyanka made headlines with a body shaming revelation in early March.

Taking part in a panel at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, she confessed that she had a breakdown because of it. "Someone told me yesterday that I wasn't sample-sized. I was hurt and I discussed it with my family, and I cried to my husband, and my team," she revealed.

Law himself announced his retirement on March 14 via a since-deleted Instagram post. Alongside a stamp graphic that read "Retired," he wrote, "If this business was just about the clothes I would do it for the rest of my life but unfortunately it's not. The politics, the lies and false narratives finally got me!"

When asked about his sudden retirement, Law told The Cut: "I am definitely, 100,000 percent retiring. Nobody can say what's forever and what will happen, but at this moment, and in my mind, I'm definitely retiring from celebrity styling." Still, he stressed, "I'm not retiring from fashion, because I love it so much."

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