Noel Gallagher wants 'jazz funeral' despite tagging the genre as ‘nonsense'

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Los Angeles, Sep 23 (IANS) Former singer of British rock band Oasis Noel Gallagher reveals his desire to be laid to rest in a "jazz funeral"  despite saying that he hated the music. 

The former Oasis songwriter, 56, explained he made the decision after falling in love with New Orleans on a recent trip to the city famed for brass bands accompanying coffins when they are paraded through its streets, reports

"I would want a jazz funeral. I went to one recently as a matter of fact – it was great. I think I made a mental note, 'I must have a jazz funeral.' And that would be a great name for a band!"

He told his comedy writer friend Matt Morgan, who has been in headlines due to his past friendship and working relationship with sex abuse-accused comedian Russell Brand, on his Patreon podcast.

Gallagher made the remarks despite spending years hitting out at jazz as "f****** nonsense."

Gallagher said in 2015: "If you've never been to a jazz club, this is what happens at a jazz club - a jazz club is like four guys on stage enjoying themselves more than the 50 people in the audience."

"That's what it is. They're all playing a different song, all at the same time, in different tempos, in different keys, and they call it jazz. It's f****** nonsense."

In a separate interview Gallagher added, "I've got a broad taste in music. I'm still struggling with jazz. I mean, what is it all about? Four guys on stage enjoying themselves more than anybody else in the audience, all playing the wrong notes at the same time - 'But that's jazz.' Alright, is that what they're calling it now? 'Cuz it used to be called s*** when I was growing up."

Gallagher also told Morgan who his health and diet have been on his mind.

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