Javed Akhtar in Trouble For Equating RSS With Taliban

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Recently Bollywood legend Javed Akhtar compared Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to the Taliban. He received a lot of slack for it and even Bharatiya Janata Party leader Ram Kadam warned that he will not be allowed to work. Akhtar must apologize, he said. Netizens expressed their anger and disappointment over his comment and demanded that he apologize immediately. A Mumbai-based lawyer has filed a complaint against Akhtar in the police station.

“Javed Akhtar's unfortunate statement is an insult not only to the Sangh, crores of Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists and crores of people around the world who believe in this ideology! Unless Javed Akhtar joins hands and apologizes, no film of his or his family will be released in this land,” posted Kadam on Twitter.

“Akhtar did not think before making these remarks. Before anything, he should have thought that people with the same ideology are running the government now and are fulfilling ‘raj dharma’. If their ideology was Talibani in any sense, would he (Akhtar) have been able to make such remarks? This shows just how hollow his statements are,” said Kadam in a video shared on social media.

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He further added that unless Akhtar apologizes with folded hands, his films or any film made by his family members will not be allowed to release in the theatres. The RSS has dedicated their everything to serve the nation, this is not acceptable.

“I have filed the complaint against #JavedAkhtar with the @MumbaiPolice for intentionally outranging to the RSS, VHP, and Bajrang Dal. Javed Akhtar called RSS, VHP, and Bajrang Dal supporters Talibani's! A complaint has been lodged with Javed Akhtar's residential police station,” wrote Ashutosh J Dubey on Twitter. Dubey said that he is the legal advisor to the BJP’s Maharastra unit.

Javed Akhtar’s Statement

The Bollywood lyricist made a comparison between the Taliban and RSS. He said that their ideologies are not so different. The Taliban want an Islamic nation and these people here want a complete Hindu Rashtra (Nation). There is no difference in their mindset. Hindu, Muslim, or Christian, they are all the same.

Only difference is that the Taliban has violent and barbaric methods but the RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal and their supporters are all the same too. But I have faith in India. This country will never become a Talibani country, he added.

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