Vaccinate 50 Crore Indians In Just Two Months, Azim Premji Has A Plan

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Wipro founder and Chairman, Azim Premji suggested a plan in order to make India’s immunization process go a little faster. Premji even urged the Finance Minister for it. His idea is to involve the private sectors.

Premji advised the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to look into his plan and engage the private sectors. This will help speed up the vaccination procedure. The private sectors will provide help through which we will be able to vaccinate more than 50 crore people in the country in just 60 days.

The Wipro founder said that, I think if the government agrees to involve the private sectors and take their help, we can assure the achievement of 500 million people getting immunized just within 2 months.

While attending an event at Bangalore chamber of industry and commerce, he suggested this idea and gave reason as to how it will be better for the country and our COVID-19 vaccination process. He added that the vaccines were developed within a very less time. Our country did a good job in developing the vaccines. Now we have to plan for a faster immunization procedure. Serum Institute can help by providing the vaccine at Rs. 300 and hospitals can administer it at Rs. 100. 

He clarified that he is in no way trying to bash the government. The centre is doing a good job. Their speed is consistent and people are getting vaccinated every day, but his idea would just provide a little push.

As of now, the frontline workers are getting vaccinated and other healthcare experts and medical personnel will also get vaccinated. A total of 1 crore workers already received the shot and others will soon receive it too.

Azim Premji, a philanthropist, did a lot during the pandemic. He made several donations in order to help people during the lockdown. Now he is thinking of ways to help in the vaccination procedure. 

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