Navratri Special: Goddess Durga Weapons and Their Importance

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Maa Durga symbolises incredible power and she is the confluence of the power of all gods and goddesses. Navratri is celebrated across the country in the month of October. This year, the festival falls on September 26 and ends on October 5. Navratri is an auspicious festival for Hindus. 

Goddess Durga has ten arms and carries a weapon in each arm. Here is the importance of Maa Durga's weapons - trishul, conch, sudarshan chakra, lotus, sword, bow with an arrow, vajra, axe, snake and spear.

Trishul: Trishul or Trident is gifted to her by Lord Shiva and it has three sharp ends, a symbol of three gunas ro qualities of every living being on earth. The trigunas are Sattva(positivity and purity), Raja  (hyperactivity and desires) and Tamas (inactivity and lethargic tendency).

Conch: Lord Varuna gifted Maa Durga with Conch which is a symbol of the primordial sound called 'AUM' from which the entire creation emerged.

Lotus: Lotus is considered for the awakening of spiritual consciousness in a soul and it is also the symbol of Lord Brahma which represents knowledge. Half-bloomed lotus is a symbol of the rise of spiritual consciousness in the mind of a human being.

Sword: Lord Ganesh gifted Maa Durga with a Sword that represents the sharpness of wisdom. The shine of the sword symbolises knowledge.

Vajra: Maa Durga was gifted Vajra the symbol of soul’s perseverance and strong resolving power from Indra. Maa Durga helps devotees to have self-confidence and will power.

Axe: An Axe and Armor were provided to Maa Durga by Lord Vishwakarma. Both symbolise the powers of Vishwakarma and have the power to destroy as well as create.

Snake: Lord Shiva’s Snake is a symbol of consciousness and energy and it symbolises consciousness and the masculine energy of Shiva.

Spear: Lord Agni gifted Maa Durga with a Spear which is a symbol of auspiciousness. Spear also represents fiery power. Maa Durga helps her devotees to decide what is right and wrong.

Sudarshan Chakra: Lord Krishna's gift symbolises that Durga is the center of creation and the world is controlled by the goddess.

Bow and Arrow:  Pawandev and Suryadev gifted Maa Durga with a Bow and Arrow which are a symbol of energy. The bow represents potential energy and the arrow represents kinetic energy.

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