Lack of Oxygen Claims Eight Lives in Agra

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India is facing a difficult situation with the surge in cases. Every state is reporting a high number of cases. Recently Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath claimed that the state is not facing an oxygen shortage. A few days later and now the news is that at least 8 patients died due to lack of oxygen in an Agra Hospital.

This incident took place at the Paras Hospital in Agra where eight patients died due to a lack of medical oxygen. The district officials were informed about the same.

The District Magistrate of Agra, Prabhu Singh said there was no shortage in the hospital. It might have happened due to the increase in the number of admissions of Covid patients. Nevertheless, they will look into the matter.

Now the situation has come to the point where hospitals are putting up notices stating the unavailability of beds and ventilators for the Covid patient. The hospitals already have several patients on the oxygen supply and that as well is running low. They need more cylinders.

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Oxygen shortage has become a major problem in India where many hospitals are struggling to treat the patients due to the lack of oxygen supply.

This situation has caused a problem in many hospitals. Patients are now under the critical condition as they are not getting enough oxygen supply. Many hospitals have several patients in serious condition but not even enough oxygen cylinders for half of them.

Recent reports from the Bengaluru hospitals claim that the oxygen supply has completely dried up. Recently a family in Hyderabad had to go from one hospital to another in search of a ventilator bed.

Telangana Institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) Gachibowli, is the only government hospital that still has ventilator and oxygen beds for patients with moderate and severe Coronavirus infections. However, with the continuous surge in cases, the beds in TIMS are expected to be filled within a week.

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