CBSE Class 10 Exam Assessment Procedure, Results in June

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Central Board of Secondary Education has released a notice under which they gave the assessment procedure and other details regarding Class 10. The students can check the details and other things on the website.

According to the notice, the students will be assessed by the school for their 80 marks. These marks will be based on the tests that the students wrote and other assignments they submitted over the course of their year.

“The students will be assessed out of a maximum of 100 marks for each subject. As per the policy of the Board, 20 marks are for Internal Assessment and 80 marks are for Year-end Board Examinations,” read the notice.

The notice read, “in the pandemic situation, delivering fair and unbiased results to students on time is a challenging task. But we are confident that the CBSE school system will work hard to make things happen smoothly.”


  • Based on the marks scored by the candidate in the different tests/exams conducted by the school during the year.

  • The marks should be in consonance with the past performance of the school in Class X Board examinations.

  • The students will be assessed out of a maximum of 100 marks for each subject.

The notice shared that each school shall form their result committee consisting of a principal and seven teachers for finalizing results. Five teachers from the school should be of different subjects.

Five teachers from the school should be from Mathematics, Social Science, Science, and two languages, and two teachers from neighbouring schools should be co-opted by the school as the external members of the committee.

“The evidence towards the performance of the student in the internal tests/exams conducted by the school should be documented student-wise and maintained securely. These documents may be called upon for subsequent verification as per the instructions of the Board.”

“All the schools have been asked to adhere to the timelines for submission of marks of internal assessment for compilation and declaration of results tentatively by the third week of June 2021,” added the notice.

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