Bihar School Kids With No Money for Books or Uniform, Turn Crorepatis Overnight

 - Sakshi Post

Two kids from Bihar’s Katihar suddenly found their accounts laden with crores of rupees overnight. The two boys who have accounts in the Uttar Bihar Gramin Bank were expecting to get some money under a government scheme to buy a school uniform and pay for related expenses.

Ashish, a class 6 student got shocked after he found Rs 6.2 crore in his account. Another student Guru Charan Vishwas, along with his parents had gone to a public internet centre to check whether the money had come. But, he was surprised to see that his account has a balance of more than Rs 900 crores.

After learning about the information, the bank said that they are investigating the transactions. The District Magistrate of Katihar, Udayan Mishra, said that he received information that a huge sum has been found in the bank accounts of two boys.

‘We opened the brand early in the morning and are investigating it. The bank manager told us there was some glitch in the computerized system of sending money. The amount was visible in their statements but the actual money was not in their account,’ added Udayan Mishra.

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