Daler Mehndi Buys Land on Metaverse

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This seasoned Indian singer invests in Metaverse real estate. Check out the deets below.

Entertainment News: Daler Mehndi, a prominent Punjabi singer, has purchased property on the Metaverse platform after becoming the first Indian act to host a concert on the platform. Daler Mehendi, the famed Punjabi pop singer, purchases Balle Balle Land (BBL) in the Metaverse for an unknown amount. This venue will feature Punjabi concerts, festivals, and movie-related activities, as well as being India's first property acquisition on Metaverse.

The land, which was inaugurated on Holi, also has a store that sells merchandise and royal products as both NFTs and physical goods delivered to your house. According to a press release, BBL will hold a variety of events as well as their concert bus, and the property will be adorned with a massive golden monument of renowned singer Daler Mehndi.

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Gametronics, a Hyderabad-based gaming firm, created the concept, and Daler Mehndi previously played at a virtual concert dubbed PartyNite Metaverse.

"We have had a fabulous association with Daler Ji. We want to continue this relationship, and Balle Balle land is a move in that direction. We want to grow a community of musicians and integrate as much as possible with the physical world. It is an ever-expanding space and there is a huge scope for innovation," stated Rajat Ojha, developer of PartyNite, Metaverse.

A stunning, larger-than-life environment of a dome covering the Balle Balle land is pierced by laser beams from drones against the soundtrack of high-octane dhol and tasha music. The singer's Avatar emerged, greeting passengers and handing out passports as NFTs. Following the meet and greet, a colourful spectacle of a concert was released, with Daler Mehndi performing.

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"I went with an open mind on PartyNite Metaverse, and it was a very rewarding experience. Audiences have moved online, and I believe it is going to stay. The physical world has its own charm, but with the metaverse, the sky’s the limit. I really enjoyed performing on PartyNite and I wanted a permanent presence, and hence created Balle Balle Land," stated Daler Mehendi.

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