Operation Valentine Movie Review: Operation Failed

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Varun Tej’s much-anticipated movie Operation Valentine hits the screens today, marking his debut in Hindi cinema. The film is directed by Shakti Pratap Singh and produced by Sony Pictures and Sandeep Mudda. Let's check out our take on the film.

Plot: Arjun Dev (Varun Tej) is a Wing Commander in the Indian Air Force. His friend Kabir (Navdeep) dies during a test for Project Vajra. After the project is put on hold for a while, Arjun returns as a test pilot. Later, when a terrorist attack happens in Srinagar and is traced back to Pakistan, the Indian Air Force plans a counterattack. The movie reveals how India retaliates, with Project Vajra playing a crucial role in the operation. The film tells whether Arjun emerges victorious or becomes a martyr.


Varun Tej did a brave thing by choosing different kinds of movies that Telugu people haven't seen before. In the movie, he plays a character named Arjun Dev, who is an Indian Air Force Wing Commander with the code name Rudra. He did a really good job in his role. Manushi Chhillar, who is new to Telugu films, also did a great job as an Indian Air Force officer and Arjun Dev's love interest. She does justice for her role.

Navdeep is seen in a brief role. The roles played by Ruhani Sharma, Paresh Pahuja, Shataf Figar, and Ali Reza could have been used more effectively to bring out the right feelings in this patriotic story. The other actors in the movie are alright. 

Plus Points:

Main plot

Varun Tej 

Minus Points:

Predictable Story

Lack of emotional moments

Weak Drama

Uninteresting Narration


Operation Valentine is about a mission happening in Pakistan, targeting India and how India retaliated strongly. The story is based on real events from 2019 when there was a terrorist attack in Pulwama, India, followed by Balakot Air Strikes by India. The patriotic theme is the core point of the film. However, director Shakti Pratap Singh Hada failed to evoke the right emotions.

Protagonist Varun Tej carries the film on his shoulders. He attempts to reach a wider audience with this film. Manushi Chhillar also has a notable role. However, the film failed to create intense drama, thus making it weak.

The film's VFX work is unimpressive. While the initial elements in the first half lacked substance, the interval portion gains momentum. The second half works only in parts. It is a predictable tale that occasionally engages here and there. This is only for audiences who are great fans of patriotic films. Others can excuse it.

Verdict: Operation Valentine fails to connect emotionally. The film banks upon on action scenes. It is neither engaging nor thrilling.


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