Why Deaths From Heart Attack Increase During Winters

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Nowadays, most of the youth are dying due to cardiac arrests. According to the reports, the deaths due to heart attacks may increase during the winter season. It is said that over seven lakh people died of sudden heart attacks per year in India before the Covid pandemic, and the figures must have risen dramatically during the pandemic.

Because heart attacks are more common in the winter, senior persons with health problems, particularly those with risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and smokers, are at a higher risk.

Fitness enthusiasts who go jogging or walk early in the morning should be cautious since temperature fluctuations can be dangerous. It's not a good idea to stand on balconies early in the morning because temperatures are normally cooler.

Dr. Pramod Kumar Kuchulakunti, a cardiologist at Yashoda Hospitals, speaking to Deccan Chronicle said, "As per the data available, 17.9 million deaths are reported annually, of which 85 percent are due to heart disease. In the case of India, seven lakh people die each year because of sudden cardiac arrests. This data is before the Covid pandemic, the number must be much higher if the current statistics are out."

DC report says, "Whenever we are exposed to cooler weather, the arteries go spasm, as the body is mostly relaxed due to lack of physical activities. This is the major issue. Platelet activity is more during the early hours of the day in winter that increases chances of blood clotting."

Dr J. Shivkumar, chief of cardiology at Apollo Hospitals, Secunderabad, "There has always been an increase of cardiac cases during winters. In the winter season, our bodies undergo physiological and biological adjustments. Increased blood pressure, restrictive blood flow, and reduction of oxygen supply to the heart lead to heart attacks."

He further added, "Those with the existing complications are advised to consult a physician and follow his guidance. It is better to avoid early morning Jogging and walking. In spite of this, they can have it when the temperature is moderate at around 8 am. Warm clothes are a must while going into the open. Smokers should be on watch about their health conditions. The elderly are strictly advised not to be exposed to the cold condition."

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