When Priyamani Was Branded A Black Aunty!

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Trolls are not uncommon for celebrities, Starlets ranging from film stars to everyday actors have been victimized. Samantha Akkineni, a well-known heroine, was also trolled and it was learnt that she had sleepless nights. 

Now, Kollywood actress Priyamani has been added to the list of celebrities who were badly trolled on social media. She recently appeared in the critically acclaimed 'Family Man 2 Web Series.' In an interview with a channel, Priyamani, who is currently basking in the success, revealed a lot of interesting things.

Trolls, she said, had an influence on her in the process. She claimed that some people treated her as if she were a black aunty and described her traumatic experiences.

"Once upon a time, I shared a photo of myself without make-up. Some people said it would be nice to see you with makeup, or that I looked like an aunty after watching that. Others too have made negative remarks about my skin tone and age. To the trolls, I just want to state that it makes no difference to me whether I am black or not. I apply makeup whenever I feel like it."

When asked why she wears makeup, she said, "I don't know. Makeup is only used during the filming. The rest of the time, I don't bother with makeup." She told the trolls that makeup is a source of comfort for her, and that when she's not filming, she prefers to be herself.

"People also tell me, 'I've gotten fat, and I'm starting to look like an Auntie,'" she adds. “To such people, I want to say that everyone ages," she said, adding, “Tomorrow it will be the same for you too."

'The only thing I believe is that everyone should embrace the changes that come with age," she concludes. She further said that her husband, Mustafa Raj, used to tell her when she should put on make-up to seem attractive. While this appears to be reasonable at times, she questioned why we should change our personalities for the sake of others.

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