Teen Allergic To Touch Doodles On Herself And Turns Into A 'Human Etch A Sketch'

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An 18-year-old girl with an unusual disorder that causes her skin to swell red when touched hasn't allowed it to trouble her. Rather than letting the skin problem cause her frustration, Emma Aldenryd, from Aarhus, Denmark, celebrates allergy to touch by drawing illustrations on her arms. This rare skin condition is called dermatographia and it is also called skin writing. Emma has turned herself into a human Etch-A-Sketch.

Three years ago, She discovered that she had dermatographia when a friend noticed her arms were red and swollen. She later learned that two of her cousins also have the same condition.

Emma runs a pencil across her skin and thereby the lines which she draws swells and leaves drawings that disappear after half an hour.

Emma was quoted as saying by Metro. ‘I started by drawing something like a bunch of words that strike my mind on my arms . I spelt little words and showed them to my closed ones as a party trick." Here are some of the drawings.

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She further added that, "After seeing the illustrations, people were much surprised and impressed, particularly after trying to do the same thing on their own skin but they couldn't. Some may ask if it hurts, but my dermatographia never caused any hurt. I got a few crazy responses and a few people thought that I was dying. It's very itchy but I learned to ignore it. This skin disorder has not had any impact on my life."

Doctors recommended antihistamines, but when Emma heard that they would prevent her from doing her body drawings, she stopped them. Emma has symptoms that are so mild and will not affect her.

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