Oxygen Express Carrying 120 Metrics of LMO Reaches Hyderabad

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With 120 tonnes of oxygen supply, the fourth Oxygen Express arrives in Hyderabad.

HYDERABAD: The fourth Oxygen Express to Telangana arrived in Hyderabad on Thursday, carrying 120 metric tonnes of LMO (Liquid Medical Oxygen). With six cryogenic tankers loaded with LMO, this is the first Oxygen Express tanker to arrive in the state. The trains' service would be given top priority, according to Gajanan Mallya, General Manager of SCR.

He urged both divisions to continue to keep a close eye on these trains in order for them to arrive at their destinations as quickly as possible. According to officials, CONCOR (Container Corporation of India Ltd), a Navratna PSU of Indian Railways, has been moving oxygen tank containers by rail to different cities across India in order to provide uninterrupted oxygen supply to Covid-19 patients. The first of these shipments arrived in Hyderabad on Thursday evening.

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