Light Rail Transit System to Connect Hyderabad IT Hub Areas

Light Rail Transit System to Connect Hyderabad IT Hub Areas - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: In Hyderabad, the government is planning to begin a new initiative to improve public transportation. Officials claim plans are in the works to add a light rail transit system (LRTS) to the city's current multimodal transportation system (MMTS) and Hyderabad Metrorail (HMR).

Gatchibowli, Raidurg, Hi-Tech City, the Financial District, and Kokapeta are already home to a number of global corporations. This region is attracting more businesses. Thousands of people work here on a daily basis. In the future, another mode of transportation will need to be added to the current system so that they do not have to face difficulties commuting to and from the offices.

The Hyderabad Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (HUMTA) is working on a thorough project study on how to build a light rail transit system between Kukatpally and Kokapeta, one of the city's main housing boards. In this HUMTA project report, HMDA and HMR are partners.

According to current projections, a total of 24.50 km of LRTS will be built between Kukatpally Housing Board and Kokapeta. This route will concurrently connect KPHB, Raidurg metro stations, and Hi-Tech City MMTS stations. Also affected will be the Metro Rail 2 line near Narsingi. Commuters may expect greater advantages at a reduced cost, according to officials.

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