Good News: Hyderabad Motorists To Get Relief From Traffic Congestion

 - Sakshi Post

As the traffic is increasing day by day in Hyderabad, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to bring several public transport safety measures into action aimed at streamlining the traffic and checking accidents. Besides this, the corporation is also planning to set up new traffic signals at various junctions in the city to lessen traffic congestion. 

Sources claim that the GHMC will be installing 253 new traffic signals, of which 155 signals will be using Adaptive Traffic Signal Control (ATSC) systems and 98 signals will be using pelican systems. 

The new signals are designed in such a way that they will aid pedestrians in crossing the busy road stretches. After the signals are installed by the private firms, they will connect them to the Command Control Centre where they will record daily traffic details. However, GHMC, in a press release, stated that those private firms installing the signals will have the responsibility of managing them for a period of three years.

Though the order for the installation of traffic signals was passed by the officials, it seems that the police authorities are still identifying the locations for installation of the traffic signal poles. However, The GHMC is aiming to launch these new signals by the end of December to control traffic jams in the city.

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