How Yukti arouses DJ's suspicions while plotting to break Koel’s marriage in 'Vanshaj'

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Mumbai, April 17 (IANS) In the recent episodes of 'Vanshaj', Neel (Mohit Kumar) wants to learn more about Yuvika’s doppelganger Yukti’s background, while Yukti (Anjali Tatrari) uses a burner phone to send messages to Gargi (Parinitha Seth) and Koel (Nisha Nagpal), hoping to cause trouble between them and ruin DJ and Koel's marriage.

Yukti sends messages to Koel, advising her to gift candles to Gargi. However, when Yukti learns of Gargi's allergy to scented candles, she plans to worsen the rift between Gargi and Koel.

Acting anonymously, she instructs her assistant Rose (Priti Narnaware) to distract DJ (Mahir Pandhi) with a seductive phone call while she swaps the candles with scented ones, causing chaos when Gargi reacts badly to the gift.

Gargi manipulates DJ against Koel, fulfilling Yukti’s intentions. Yukti then prepares a parcel containing evidence of Koel's past affair and pregnancy but faces inner turmoil after being questioned by her mother Bhoomi (Gurdeep Kohli).

Despite attempts to stop the delivery, Yukti fails, leading DJ to suspect that the mysterious, brown-eyed woman spotted with Dadababbu in the ambulance is behind the family’s troubles.

It will be interesting to see whether Yukti will be able to save herself from being caught by DJ.

Talking about the sequence, Anjali said: "Yukti is deeply committed to her schemes to sow seeds of discord within the Mahajan family and win over DJ. However, her mother Bhoomi's constant reminders that such ruthless actions make her no better than DJ and Gargi, while questioning her conscience, leave Yukti conflicted."

"She struggles with her emotions and ultimately decides to take her mother's advice, considering that her late father would also disapprove of her actions. Despite her efforts to follow her mother's guidance, Yukti falls into her own trap, arousing DJ's suspicions. The upcoming episodes will show how Yukti deals with this situation and if she can find a solution to this," she added.

'Vanshaj' airs on Sony SAB.

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