Hacker selling fake CBI documents on Dark Web for $1300: Researchers

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New Delhi, Dec 8 (IANS) Researchers have discovered that a threat actor, who claimed to have gained access to CBI’s (Central Bureau of Investigation) alleged confidential documents, operation and dealing documents, is selling this data for $1,300 on the Dark Web.

However, upon detailed investigation by the cybersecurity company CloudSEK researchers, it was discovered that the documents being sold are not authentic and have been manipulated and deemed fake.

According to the report, the access was likely gained by compromising an employee via a phishing attack based on the actor's TTP.

On December 2, researchers discovered a threat actor claiming access to CBI Files, comprising confidential documents, operation details, dealing files, and sensitive information and communications.

Sample images shared by the hacker include alleged data on NIA, Wanted Files, Confidential letters to the PMO, Internal communication, and more.

The researchers mentioned that doubts occurred about the hacker's claims due to deviations in formatting, language, and content.

"References to Qatari assets seem inappropriate, hinting at a potential motive for publicity. The document might be leaked to the media for sensationalism," said the researchers.

In addition, the researchers noted that the hacker's reluctance to sell access to the CBI’s compromised system during the HUMINT (human intelligence) process, contrary to typical threat actor behaviour, raises credibility concerns over the claims of the actor.

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