Explained: This is how Google earthquake alert system will work in India

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New Delhi, Sep 27 (IANS) One of the most frequent natural disasters are earthquakes, which is why having an early warning system can be vital in ensuring people's safety, and to address this issue, Google has introduced an "Android Earthquake Alert System" in India to provide users with an early warning when earthquake shaking begins.

The alert system will use sensors in Android smartphones to detect and estimate earthquakes and warn users if such an event occurs.

Android has two types of notifications designed to alert users about an earthquake -- Be Aware Alert and Take Action Alert. Both alert types will only sent for earthquakes of magnitude 4.5 or above.

'Be Aware Alert' is designed to give you a heads-up for light shaking and provide more information when you tap on the notification.

This alert will only be sent to users who will experience MMI (Modified Mercalli Intensity) 3 & 4 shaking during an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 or above.

MMI is a seismic intensity scale used for measuring the intensity of shaking produced by an earthquake. Be Aware Alert will respect the volume, do not disturb and notification settings on your device, meaning it will not break through these settings to alert.

'Take Action Alert' is designed to get your attention before you experience moderate to heavy shaking so that you can take action to protect yourself.

This alert will only be sent to users who will experience MMI 5+ shaking during an earthquake of magnitude 4.5 or greater.

Take Action Alert will break through the do not disturb settings, turn on your screen and play a loud sound to alert.

Upon tapping on either alert, you will be presented with earthquake safety information, which consists of simple steps you can take to keep yourself and others safe.

The alert system is also designed to be easy to read and follow and is available in Indian languages supported by Android.

It is rolling out to all Android 5+ users in India during the coming week.

To receive alerts, users must have Wi-Fi and/or cellular data connectivity, and both Android Earthquake Alerts and location settings enabled.

Users who do not wish to receive these alerts can turn off Earthquake Alerts in device settings.

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