Is This Why Nimrit Kaur Eliminated From Bigg Boss 16

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The countdown to the Bigg Boss 16 grand finale has begun! There are six more days left to find out which contestant will bag the trophy. The contestants are giving head-to-head competitions with each other to grand the BB16 trophy. In last week’s tasks, contestants did not give up on any hard tasks, and they impressed the audience in the torture task. The latest buzz says that Nimrit Kaur will be evicted from the Bigg Boss 16 house. In tonight’s episode, the audience will enter the Bigg Boss 16 house and vote for the contestants who deserve to be the finalist. So Nimrit Kaur received the lowest percentage of votes, and Big Boss declares her elimination. Well, viewers are happy and celebrating Nimrit's elimination because BB16's makers indirectly supported her in every task from day one of the show. Nimrit was given a "Ticket to Finale" with no tasks, and the rules were in her favor. The audience claimed they will be not surprised if Bigg Boss 16 makers hand over the trophy to Nimrit.

The main reason why the audience showed hatred toward Nimrit might be her behavior towards Priyanka since day one of the show. Nimrit was always seen backbitching about Priyanka with Mandali. According to netizens, Nimrit never missed an opportunity to target Priyanka, and she also removed her personal grudge during the torture task. Well, we can say that Nimrit got a lot of hatred and lost her popularity outside the house she gained with Choti Sarrdarni's serial with BB16.

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