Why Chiranjeevi is Silent on Stars Remunerations?

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Chiranjeevi on one side is vocal about the production costs and film's budgets. He took a class to producers and directors at a recently held movie event and stated that a film's richness and appeal have nothing to do with the budget and cost incurred. He said it is possible to make a film look rich without splurging money.

However, these comments have got mixed reception. A section in social media raised the issue of star heroes' remuneration immediately. Since the remunerations of stars amount to a chunk of the films' budget, many are asking Chiranjeevi about his silence on actors' remunerations. 

Earlier when a controversy surrounded Pawan Kalyan's BRO film, Pawan's remuneration was quizzed. This debate led to even filing legal cases. During this, Chiranjeevi made a statement indirectly supporting the stars' remuneration. Chiru appealed to the leaders to not bother about the actors' earnings. Even these comments of Chiru earned criticism from several quarters.

What is ironic is that Chiranjeev's films are being made with a whopping budget. This is also contradictory to Chiru's fresh remarks, opine many.

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