Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode November 30: Rama Saves Jaanu From Jnanamba

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Janaki Kalaganaledu: As Abhi was not able to find Janaki, he tries to call her. Janaki fears that if Abhi sees her, she will be in problem. While Jaanu left her phone in the house, Rama picks up the call and tells that Janaki had gone to the temple. 

Abhi tells Rama Chandra that he knew it as he was in the temple. He further adds that he came to their village to hand over the study material given by the coaching institute to Jaanu. Rama, who understands the situation asks Abhi to not meet Janaki and tells him to come to their sweet shop. 

Meanwhile, Jnanamba and her daughter-in-laws leave the temple. Abhi meets Janaki and understands that Jnanamba does not know about Janaki's IPS Coaching. When Abhi asks for the reason, Rama Chandra explains that no mother-in-law wishes to educated a girl after marriage.

Rama Chandra reaches home and gives the books to Janaki and tells that Abhi gave them to him. Jaanu, takes a stern decision not to study anymore. When Rama Chandra opposes her decision, Jnanamba comes in between and tells Rama to obey Janaki's decision. 

Later, Jnanamba asks her daughters-in-law to come to give jasmine flowers to them. When Mallika does overaction, Jnanamba warns her to control her acting. How will Mallika react to this situation is to be seen in the coming episodes. 

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