Sai Dharam's Women's Day Gift to Mom Wins Hearts!

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Mega hero Sai Dharam's Women's Day gift to his Mother is stunning all. It is winning hearts as the actor decided to include his mother's name in his name. Sai Dharam has changed his name yet again. The Virupaksha star had earlier dropped Tej from his name and cut down his name from Sai Dharam Tej to Sai Dharam. The latest we hear is that he has changed his name again by adding 'Durga', after his mother Durga.

Now he is called as Sai Durga Tej. Tej made the decision to rename himself due to his deep connection with his mother, Durga, whom he wishes to carry with him on his journey. To immortalize his bond with his mother, he not only adopted her name but also launched a production house called 'Durga Productions.'

Addressing the public during a special press meet on Women's Day, Sai Durga Tej spoke about the new chapter in his career. The occasion was not only to announce his new name but also to launch 'Satya' - a feature film serving as a sequel to 'Soul of Satya,' a musical short film that featured Sai Durga Tej and Colors Swathi.

'Soul of Satya' revolves around the lives of Sai and Swathi, two individuals connected to the Indian army. The short film was a tribute to the women who raise great warriors to love and fight for their country. Directed by Naveen Vijay Krishna, the short film was released on Independence Day last year and has already received numerous international awards for its emotional portrayal of love, sacrifice, and the strength of Indian Army families.

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