Pindam keeps audiences on their toes: Producer Yeshwanth Daggumati

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Pindam's Unique Horror Approach: 50 Terrifying Scenes Unfold From the Start

Newcomer's Challenges and Triumphs

Producer Yeshwanth Daggumati Opens Up About Pindam's Journey

A Producer's Perspective on Crafting a Unique Horror Film Experience

Pindam, a multi-genre film, is all set to hit screens worldwide on December 15. Produced by Yeshwanth Daggumati under Kalaahi Media production banner, the film marks the directorial debut of Saikiran Daida. The film stars Sriram, Easwari Rao, Ravi Varma, Srinivas Avasarala, Sriram, and Kushee Ravi in prominent roles.

In a media interaction, producer Yeshwanth shared insights into his journey from the IT industry to filmmaking. "I own a chain of software companies in the USA. The desire to explore filmmaking brought me back to India with my friend Saikiran Daida. However, instead of producing our originally planned story, we stumbled upon Pindam. The title intrigued me, as Pindam is offered when a soul vacates a body. Despite various interpretations, I was captivated by its storyline. Director Saikiran crafted the story within a week, finalized the cast swiftly, and commenced shooting in June."

Yeshwanth revealed that his initial film, a crime comedy with actor Siddu Jonnalagadda, faced setbacks during the lockdown, leading them to shelve the project temporarily. Now, Pindam emerges as their cinematic endeavor, spanning multiple genres and conveying a message while incorporating elements of horror across different timelines.

Addressing the question of whether running a film production is similar to managing an IT company, Yeshwanth remarked, "More or less, it is the same as we have to deal with people. It is about managing people."

Discussing the choice of Sriram as the lead in Pindam, Yeshwanth explained, "After writing the story, we considered several names for the casting. Sriram, relatively new to Telugu cinema in recent years, was selected by the director for his suitability for the role."

Differentiating Pindam from other Telugu horror films, Yeshwanth highlighted its unique approach. "Unlike traditional horror films, Pindam features around 50 scary scenes right from the beginning, creating a new dimension in the genre."

Explaining the title Pindam, Yeshwanth stated, "Pindam is apt for the story, reflecting our commitment to a realistic touch in our productions. I am here for the long run and have ten more scripts ready for production."

Addressing the challenges faced during the making of Pindam, Yeshwanth praised his support team and acknowledged the hardships faced by the crew. He emphasized the difficulty of releasing a film as a newcomer but expressed optimism after receiving positive responses from distributors and exploring digital release options.

Yeshwanth candidly shared practical challenges, recounting an incident during a remote shoot where the team encountered unexpected difficulties. Despite facing adversity, the team successfully completed the shoot, demonstrating resilience and dedication.

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