Niharika Interview: Ex Hubby Chaitanya Responds

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Niharika Konidela's interview has set the internet on fire. She talked about divorce phase and her mental turmoil and how the family and friends have been a great support to her. Meanwhile, the interview seems to be creating perspective that her ex-husband Chaitanya JV is at the fault. Former husband Chaitanya has responded to the whole and wrote a lengthy message to the host Nikhil.

Chaitanya JV wrote, "I truly appreciate the effort you have made in trying to ward away the unfair negativity on Niharika that is going on lately. I know it is not easy to face it in tandem with dealing with a personal crisis.

But you should stop trying to use the reach and platform to indirectly try and attach tags of victim and cause with respect to the marriage. This is the second time this is happening. The pain of things not working out and the process and ordeal of healing is the same for both the ends. The concept of not talking about the divorce, and especially just one side of it, is there to not interfere or rupture that healing again for either of the people involved. Talking about the pain in aftermath and healing is fine, that will help people.

In the future instead of an indirect implication of history and fit in words like trust, what will be advised is to have all the parties involved and run through the timeline if you are that keen on knowing and making public aware.

But I totally agree till the fact of it being unfair to judge people without knowing about the complete picture and if that is wrong, then trying indirect messaging through using this platform from one side of the coin is also equally wrong. Hope that is understandable. Thanks."

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