‘Nachinavadu’ Graces Theatres Again; Film Garners Greater Response With Re-Release

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Nachinavadu', directed by Laxman Chinna and produced by Aenuganti Film Zone, stars Laxman Chinna and Kavya Ramesh as the lead pair. The film is produced jointly by the actor-director in association with Venkata Ratnam. 

In a rare instance, the romantic love film has been re-released in theatres. It has been showing on more than 50 screens in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana since Sunday (November 26). 

The film has been garnering a better response from the audience compared to its first release in September. "Our movie honours the cause of women's self-respect without being preachy. That's why the audience are liking it," the makers said. 

The critics endorsed the film's theme, entertainment value, the absence of melodrama, and more. The theme of being empathetic in a relationship is highlighted without much fuss in the film. 

Malayalam music director Mejjo Josseph's music has been loved by the audience. 

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