Meet The Undeserving Contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil 5 House

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Three more days to go for Bigg Boss Tamil 5 grand finale. Are you curious to know the winner and runner-up of the show? Even we are keen on knowing that. But as of now, we can only give you the names of predicted winner and runner-up of the shows. 

According to the predictions, Priyanka will be Bigg Boss Tamil 5 winner, and Raju will be the runner-up. Raju, Priyanka, Amir, Niroop, and Pavani reddy are the top five contestants who are left in the glass house for Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 grand finale war. 

So Niroop and Pavani are in the fourth and fifth positions. However, netizens say that Niroop did not deserve to be pushed to the top. They have branded him an undeserving contestant in the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house. Niroop had behaved rudely in the house, and the viewers hated his game strategy. When Bigg Boss announced that Niroop was a finalist, Bigg Boss Tamil viewers slammed Vijay TV for their unfair game. 

Last week, Niroop and Pavani were in the danger zone and were to get evicted from the house, but Bigg  Boss saved them both and eliminated who viewers thought was an deserving contestant, Thamarai Selva. When compared to Thamarai's performance, Niroop can be called an average. He was always targeting Thamarai, as he knew she was a stronger contestant than him. 

Now, viewers say that Bigg Boss makers designed the finale task for Niroop and forced the contestants to vote for him in the finale. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers Trolled Vijay TV and asked for a fair game in the grand finale round. Let us wait and see what the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 makers have in store for us.

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