It's Official! Natraj Master Eliminated From Bigg Boss Non-stop House

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Hey, Bigg Boss Non Stop viewers, are you waiting for the 11th week eliminated contestant? Then check this out. As we mentioned, Mitraaw and Natraj were in the danger zone on Friday. As per inside sources, Natraj Master got an exit pass from the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT glass house. Anyway, Mitraaw and Natraj Master just a marginal difference in the voting percentage and Mitraaw's votes are said to have seen a spike in the 11th hour before the voting lines closed, leading to her getting an edge over Nartaj Master. 

Natraj Master gave good content to the show and his controversial fights and high voltage drama saved him all these weeks, even though he got nominated several times. It is worth mentioning here that Natraj has improved his game a lot when compared to Bigg Boss Telugu season 5. His drama in Bigg Boss Non Stop reached new heights.

Netizens Version That Natraj Master Might Be Saved

Netizens expected Bigg Boss Non-Stop to save Natraj Master for viewership because he is the only contestant in the house who provides controversial content. It is known that the makers first give priority to viewership before deciding which contestant should be saved from elimination. Once in a while, the show makers also swap contestants and eliminate strong contestants if they don't give good content to the show. Contestants enter with the intention of giving the best conent to stay in the house for a long time. Natraj Master's controversial fights seem to be real, and the audience has branded him a short-tempered contestant in the glass house. But a round of applause to Natraj for surviving in Bigg Boss for this long.

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