Anasuya Hints at Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Winner?

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There are just two weeks to go to witness the finals of Bigg Boss Non Stop. Sources say that the grand finale may be held on May 4 or 5. Netizens can't wait to know which contestant will be declared as the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT. Bindu Madhavi and Akhil Sarthak's names are making the rounds for Bigg Boss Non Stop winners. 

As you all know, the winner will be decided by audience votes. This week, Bigg Boss Non Stop makers planned movie promotions.  Vishwak Sen, Rajshekar, and Anasuya entered the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house to give feedback to contestants on their performance and entertained them. Yesterday's episode was very interesting because Anasuya entered the house with a couple of audience questions for the contestants. Anyway, we can say that questions were asked in such a way so as to reveal the true colors of contestants and they got to know which contestant is backstabbing them.

Most of the questions were related to Bindu, and it shows that contestants target Bindu. Anasuya said that she was a Bindu fan at the time of Avakaya Biriyani movie. She also praised Bindu for mingling with other contestants in the house without any attitude, though she had huge fame outside the Bigg Boss Non-Stop house. 

However, it seems Anasuya hinted to the contestants that Bindu is strong outside the house and probably meant that there was high chance for her to win the trophy. On the other hand, Anasuya roasted Akhil and a few other contestants. Shiva and Bindu got into heated arguments over the task, and we can say that each day, equations are changing between Shiva and Bindu. 

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