Geetu Royal Snobbish Contestant in Bigg Boss History, say Netizens 

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 has got the highest TRP rating this weekend, thanks to Geetu's drama in the house. Well, it's also worth mentioning that Geetu Royal has entertained the audience and has given stiff competition to other contestants in the tasks. But the only drawback Geetu has is her overconfidence, and Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers did not like her provoking statements toward other contestants. Especially Geetu's fight with Bala Aditya brought a lot of negativity for her and viewers started hating her attitude. Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers trolled her for poinuting out other contestants' weaknesses and playing game over it which can affect her profession after stepping out of the house. In yesterday's episode, Nagarjuna asked Bala Aditya about the lighter issues and asked for te explanation for his reaction. Bala Aditya clearly said that he doesn't want to step out of the Bigg  Boss Telugu 6 house with a smoker tag, which proves Geetu is wrong. 

As per the source, Geetu got low voted at the last moment after her fight with Adi Reddy, which led to her elimination. After Nagarjuna announced Geetu's elimination, she was not ready to get out of the house and cried. By this, viewers got more irritated and said Geetu Royal is the most snobbish contestant in Telugu Bigg Boss history. They say that Geetu tries to influence the Bigg Boss Telugu makers to send her into the secret room. When there was speculation about Geetu's elimination, many of them expected the BB producer might send her to the secret room. However, Geetu lost her popularity and fame, which she gained in the first few weeks, with her rude attitude toward her fellow contenders in the task.

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