Bigg Boss Telugu 6 Viewers Dub Bala Aditya Elimination Unfair

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Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers are said to be upset with Star Maa and the BB producers over their choice of contestant in this week's elimination. The audience says that Bala Aditya's elimination is unfair, and they are unhappy with the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 makers' decision. As per the unofficial Bigg Boss Telugu 6 voting polls. Bala Aditya was in the safe zone. So, when Nagarjuna announced Bala Aditya's elimination, contestants and viewers were stunned. Even Bigg Boss Telugu host Nagarjuna stated that he was shocked by his elimination. Bala Aditya was one of the strong players and he performed better than other contestants in tasks. Bigg Boss Telugu 6 viewers say that the BB makers are eliminating strong contenders and keeping non-performers in the house. 

Netizens believe that Bala Aditya will come out of the house as a runner up, but luck did not favor him. It is worth mentioning here that Bala Aditya's popularity doubled after his entry into the house and that he came out of the house after winning the hearts of the BBT6 viewers. 

Bigg Boss Telugu viewers say that Marina deserved to get evicted from the house more than Bala Aditya. Netizens are also comparing Bala Aditya and Marina's performance in all the games. A section of the audience is asking Bigg Boss Telugu makers as to why they are saving Marina for weeks and sending out strong contestants in the elimination round. What is your opinion on Bala Aditya's elimination? Comment below. 

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