Bigg Boss Telugu 6: No Double Elimination, No Secret Room

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 6 host Nagarjuna has solved all the issues that happened during this week's task. The contestants in the house are ready to face the ninth-week elimination process. According to sources, Geetu Royal is the recent contestant to be evicted from the Bigg Boss Telugu 6 house. 

Speculation was rife that Bigg Boss Telugu makers were planning secret room task and double elimination. After rumors did the rounds on social media, the audience expected that Bigg Boss Telugu 6 makers might send Geetu to the secret room. But sources in the know say that there will be no double elimination or secret room task, at least this week in BBT6. They also confirmed that Geetu Royal is out of the house, and they will reveal the news in tonight's episode.

Geetu's elimination was unexpected, and her elimination news shocked the viewers. A section of the audience says that Geetu's fight with Bala Aditya in this week's captaincy task is the main reason for her elimination. Netizens say that Geetu's pointing out and playing with other contestants' weaknesses, which might affect their professions after stepping out of the show, earned her flak and negative talk. It is worth saying that Geetu targeted Bala Aditya's smoking habit in last week's task. There are many memes on social media, and viewers are trolling Geetu for her overconfidence in the show. 

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