Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Shannu Jealous Of Sreerama Chandra?

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With each day passing, the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 contestants are showing their true colours and have started executing their game strategy. Contestants in the house and those who were eliminated by the Bigg Boss are saying that Shannu did not start his game. But if you also think in this same manner, then it is a mistake.

People close to Shanumkh and his fans say he is a reserved person and he takes time to interact with people. Even now, the contestants are thinking similarly. But he started his game in his own reserved way. We are not saying this. Fans of Sreerama Chandra pointing out and saying that Shannu is feeling jealous of Sreerama Chandra.

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Whatever the task, whether it is dance or physical activity, Sri Sreerama Chandra is defeating Shannu. So this makes Shannu jealous and he is not maintaining a good bond with him. 

In the fourth week of nominations, Priya nominated Lobo and said the reason was that he was not talking properly with her. We will have to wait and watch if Sreerama Chandra points out this reason and nominates Shannu in the next round of nominations.

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