Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Declare This Contestant as Winner

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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers have started rhe countdown for the grand finale. There is one more week left for the finals. Are you a bigg boss buff waiting to know who the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 will be? If so, then check this out. 

As you all know by now, Thamarai Selvi got evicted from the glass house in last week's elimination round. There is talk on social media that Vijay TV and Bigg Boss Tamil makers replaced evicted Thamarai in place of Pavani during the Elimination round. With that, Pavani is the grand finale week.

The top five contestants to have entered the finale week are Raju, Priyanka, Niroop, Amir, and Pavani. So, according to social media analysis, Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers are supporting Priyanka more than Raju and predict that she will bag the trophy. 

Priyanka has more majority than Raju. Priyanka has impressed the audience from day one with her comic timing with Annachi. The audience feel that Priyanka is a bold and outspoken contestant in the house. She is the strongest contender in the house for the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 trophy. It is worth mentioning here that Priyanka's straight talk over other contestants, especially with Niroop, has impressed the viewers.

In yesterday's episode, Priyanka's statements on Niroop were liked by the audience. It is worth mentioning here social media platforms are filled with netizens' love for Priyanka. So, we can say that Priyanka has highest chances to be the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 5.

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