Bigg Boss Non Stop: Ashu And Ajay Talk Behind Akhil's Back

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The Bigg Boss Telugu OTT house is filled with high drama and ugly arguments between the contestants. Every week we witness some or other emotional drama among the contestants, and this week also, there is nothing special, but the equations between the friends are changing. Well, your guess is correct. Bigg Boss Non Stop best friends Akhil, Ashu, and Ajay are having differences after the ninth week captaincy task. Ajay and Akhil had lots of arguments and fights during the task, and they both talked behind each other with another contestant. Akhil expressed his opinion on Ajay to Natraj Mater and Ajay expressed it to Ashu. 

The fight between Akhil and Ajay started when Baba Bhaskar gave Ajay the best performer. A section of the audience says that Akhil is feeling jealous of Ajay, and a few say Akhil is being moody for silly reasons over Ajay. Anyway Ajay and Ashu are talking behind Akhil's back about his attitude and actions. In today's episode, Ajay gives Akhil a safe batch, where Akhil makes it clear that he doesn't want to give a safe batch to any contestant.  Bigg Boss Telugu viewers slam Ashu and Ajay for treating Akhil with double standards. It seems like Akhil is distrubed with the fake relations with housemates and he shares his grief with Ariyana. 

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