Bigg Boss 16 Nimrit Hospitalized, Deets Inside

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Bigg Boss 16 contestants performed well in the Torture Task for prize money. They are giving stiff competition to each other and not leaving any opportunity to impress the audience. In the Torture Task, viewers did not like Nimrit's behavior and game strategy towards Priyanka Chahar. They claim Nimrit used the task to vent her personal grudges on Priyanka Chahar. During the task, not only Nimrit but also Shiv were seen annoying Priyanka by giggling in her ear. A video of Nimrit trying to remove Priyanka’s hand from the buzzer is going viral on the social media platforms.

Well, Nimrit’s entry into the Bigg Boss 16 house has brought her a lot of hatred outside the show. In the recent promo, we can see Archana throwing haldi powder on Nimrit, MC Stan, and Shiv as part of the game. Nimrit eyes burn and ask her to stop, but Archana won’t and continues her game. Finally, Nimrit cries in the promo, and viewers are satisfied with it. Because when it was Nimrit, Shiv, and MC Stan's turn, Archana requested Nimrit as her eyes were burning but Nimrit replies if she have a problem she quit the game and everything will not go according to her.

Now there are speculations that Nimrit is hospitalized because she complained about her eye burn. They say that Nimrit might get out of the house for treatment. Let us wait and watch is the rumours are facts or not.

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