Bigg Boss 15 Host Salman Khan Earnings From Show

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Bigg Boss Hindi is synonymous with Salman Khan, thanks to his amazing hosting skills. Salman Khan has a special fan base for his style of hosting the show. He has been hosting the show for years now, and his fan following always sees a spike with every new season. 

There is no doubt that a section of the audience watch Bigg Boss Hindi show only on the weekends for Salman Khan.  In 2010, Salman hosted Bigg Boss 4. The show was widely accepted and appreciated due to Khan's hosting. Due to high TRP, Salman Khan again hosted Bigg Boss 5 along with Sanjay Dutt in 2011 and, because of the huge acceptance, Salman continued to host the show. Every weekend Salman guides the contestants and schools them over their behavior. 

According to social media analysis, netizens are eager to learn how much remuneration Salman Khan makes from hosting the Bigg Boss show. Are you one of those that wants to know about Salman Khan's Bigg Boss remuneration, then check this out. 

According to the sources Salman makes around Rs 350 crores for 14 weeks. Yes, Salman is reportedly charging Rs 25 crore for each weekend. Salman charged Rs 2.5 crore per episode in the beginning and later doubled his fee after the TRP ratings soared. 

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