Ayesha Eliminated From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6?

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Hey, Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 viewers are eager to know which contestant is going to face the axe for the ninth-week elimination process. Then check this out. Well, the contestants who got nominated for ninth-week elimination process are  Azeem, Shivin, Janany, ADK, Amudhavanan, Ram, and Ayesha. According to the unofficial Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 voting results, Azeem, Shivin, Janany, ADK, and Amudhavanan have entered the safe zone, while Ram and Ayesha are in the danger zone. According to rumors, Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 producers are planning a double elimination this week, as the show has completed nine weeks. By this, a section of the audience guesses that both Ayesha and Ram may get an exit pass this week. On the other hand, Ayesha is highly predicted for the elimination.

Ayesha fans are trolling Vijay Television for unfair elimination. Ayesha fans worked hard to save her from elimination and rooted for her on over social media for the votes. We can say that Ayesha gained huge popularity outside the Bigg Boss Tamil season 6 house with her behaviour in the show. Let us wait and watch will Bigg Boss Tamil 6 makers save Ayesha and eliminate Ram on public demand? 

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