Akhil Sarthak Position in Bigg Boss Nonstop Drops

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The contestants' positions in the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT keep changing as each day goes by. Netizens' are shifting their opinions about the contestants based on their performance and behavior in the tasks. Well, Bigg Boss is a show that is not only about the tasks and performances of contestants, but also all about their behavior and character. Based on contestants' behavior, viewers decide which contestant is suitable to be in or out of the glasshouse.

As we mentioned earlier, Akhil Sarthak's popularity and position in Bigg Boss Telugu OTT is seeing a slow dip. Yes, what you read is true! In the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT eighth week nomination result, Anil Rathod is in the lead position while Akhil is in the second. 

It seems like netizens do not like Akhil's attitude and game strategy. They say that Akhil is extremely angry and aggressive. A section of the audience says that Akhil wants to defeat Bindhu and bag the Bigg Boss Non-Stop trophy. It is well known that Akhil and Bindhu never miss an opportunity to argue and fight with each other over nominations and tasks.

In this week's captaincy task, Akhil and Ajay had lots of arguments and fights leading to a dent in their friendship.

But it is worth mentioning that Akhil has a huge craze and support outside the Bigg Boss Non-Stop house and his fans will definitely make sure that Akhil will be one among the top three in the final list. What is your opinion on it? Share your comments below.

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