Diwali: How to Perform Kuber and Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras

Diwali: How to Perform Kuber and Lakshmi Puja on Dhanteras - Sakshi Post

Happy Diwali 2021: How to do Dhanteras and Lakshmi puja at home to get the most positive results.

Happy Diwali 2021: Diwali, the most awaited event of the year, is approaching. Diwali celebrations begin two days before the festival. Dhanteras is the first day of Diwali celebrations. Dhanteras will be celebrated on November 2nd this year. Dhantrayodashi is another name for Dhanteras.

Goddess Laxmi and Lord Kuber are honoured on this day. Dhan denotes money, whereas teras denotes the thirteenth day of the lunar cycle. The thirteenth day of Kartika Krishna Paksha occurs on this day.

Celebration Of Wealth

Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber are the world's treasurers, according to Hindu mythology. People pray to them for their loved ones' prosperity, success, money, and well-being. During the samudra manthan, Goddess Lakshmi is said to have emerged from the ocean with other riches. As a result, the day has been set aside for her and Lord Kuber.

What To Do On Dhanteras?

People buy new stuff like utensils on this day, according to Hindu customs. People also purchase gold or other valuables for their homes. This is thought to be a sign that Goddess Lakshmi has arrived at the residence.

Pooja Muharat

The puja muhurat for Dhanteras is from 6:17 to 8:11 p.m.

Pooja Vidhi For Dhanteras

The family meets in the evening and begins the prayer. They pay respect to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi by bathing them and offering flowers and mithai. While doing the pooja, devotees are believed to chant the Ganesha mantra.



Vakra-Tunndda Maha-Kaaya Suurya-Kotti Samaprabha |

Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryessu Sarvadaa ||

Meaning of the mantra

I pray to Sri Ganesha, who has a curved trunk, a large body, and the brilliance of a million suns, that all my work be free of obstacles at all times.

''ऊं नमो भगवते महा सुदर्शनाया वासुदेवाय धन्वन्तरये अमृत कलश हस्ताय सर्व भय विनाशाय सर्व रोग निवारणाय त्रैलोक्य पतये त्रैलोक्य निधये श्री महा विष्णु स्वरुप श्री धन्वंतरि स्वरुप श्री श्री श्री औषध चक्र नारायणाय स्वाहा।''

"Om Namo Bhagavate Maha Sudharshana Vasudevaya Dhanvantaraye; Amrutha Kalasa Hasthaaya Sarva Bhaya Vinasaya Sarva amaya Nivaranaya Thri Lokya Pathaye Thri Lokya Nidhaye Sri Maha Vishnu Swarupa Sri Dhanvantri Swarupa Sri Sri Sri Aoushata Chakra Narayana Swaha"

Meaning Of The Mantra

We pray to God, who is Sudharshana Vasudeva Dhanvantri. He wields the kalasha, which is brimming with immortality nectar. All worries and sicknesses are banished by Lord Dhanvantri. He is the three worlds' well-wisher and preserver. Dhanvantri, like Lord Vishnu, can cure our souls. We bow before the Lord of Ayurveda.


It is recommended that Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi be worshipped as metal idols rather than plaster of Paris or other materials. Goddess MahaLakshmi, Maha Kaali, and Goddess Saraswati are the three forms of Goddess Lakshmi worshipped during the pooja.

If your house hasn't been cleaned in a while, make a point of cleaning it thoroughly. During this period, many even get their homes repainted.

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