Warangal Fake Doctor Performs Abortions Watching YouTube Videos

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Telangana medical and health authorities seized a hospital run by a man with no formal qualification. The incident took place in Hanmakonda. A man who studied BSc and had experience as a medical representative was running a hospital in the city. 

According to reports, he used to conduct abortions on the women who came to him, watching videos on YouTube. Going into details—38-year-old Andru Indra Reddy, a resident of Chennarao Peta, Warangal Rural district, opened a hospital by name City Hospital opposite Ekashila Park in Hanamkonda. He had contacts with RMPs and PMPs of the surrounding villages and would get information about women who did not want a second girl child. Indra Reddy, with the help of a few nurses, would perform abortions on a few women by watching YouTube videos.

After receiving a tip-off, the revenue officers and district health officials visited the hospital and discovered what was happening. The hospital staff tried to flee when they saw medical officers while they hid the patient inside the bathroom.

The police, along with DMHO Lalita Devi, additional DMHO Madan Mohan Rao, and Deputy DMHO Yakub Pasha brought the woman out of the bathroom. The police interrogated her and finally, the truth came out. She was immediately rushed to Hanamkonda GMH as she was severely bleeding.

Police have registered a criminal case against the fake doctor and seized the hospital. Indra Reddy fled the hospital and police are trying to nab him. Three years ago, Indra Reddy had set up a hospital in Narsampet in Warangal rural district too which was also seized by the authorities. 

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