Sonu Sood Warns Fraudsters, Asks Public Not to Trust Fake Foundation

 - Sakshi Post

During the difficult times of the Corona pandemic, actor Sonu Sood has done extraordinary philanthropic work for the needy and earned praised from every corner of society. With his work, he has become a big inspiration not only for the common people but also for the celebrities.

But, unfortunately, there are some people, who have been taking advantage of even these situations and are using the actor's name to dupe people out of their money. Sonu Sood recently responded about these fake people and organisations on social media and warned netizens against them.

The actor took to his Twitter account warning his fans and followers about the fake donation drive that is circulating in the web under the alleged Sood Charity Foundation. He shared the poster of the charity asking for donations. They wrote that people who want to donate to Sood's charity can donate on the number given on the poster.

t is reported that many people  fell prey to the fake message and  extended help through those phone numbers. The whole epsiode came to the notice of the actor, who immediately posted a fake watermark on the poster and asked people to be aware of the fake posts. He also issued a stern warning against those committing crimes through such posts using his name during these trying times.

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