Puttur Man Loses 50K to Facebook Fraud

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Facebook frauds are on the rise with several innocent people being lured by fake accounts. Recently, a man from Puttur was cheated after he clicked on some links on Facebook. He received a friend request from a young woman from Mumbai. She slowly pushed him into the trap by chatting after he accepted her friend request. The lady then asked him to share his a photo through Facebook messenger which eventually led to video calls.

The woman recorded the video while they were talking in a video call privately. She demanded money by threatening to release the videos on social media. She pressurized him to pay money through UPI. Finally, the man sent a total of Rs 50,000 after borrowing money from his friends. She asked him for more. The victim told them that he was left with nothing and asked her to do whatever she wanted. Then, the girl ignored him.

According to the police, more than 70 people from the district complained of being cheated. Not only through Facebook, but many people are also losing money by clicking on video call links on some search engines. It has been revealed by the police that women from the Northern States are committing such scams. Police have urged people not to accept any friend requests or video calls from strangers and are warning them against sharing any personal details with unknown persons.

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