Madanapalle Double Murder: Alekhya Convinced Her Parents To Carry Out Tantric Rituals: Lawyer

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The Madanapalle Double Murder case keeps getting intense with new information and details being revealed every day. In a new development to the Murder of two girls over superstition, it is now being revealed that even the elder daughter was in on the plan.

The P V Krishnamachari, the advocate who took up the case is currently collecting information. Nakka Rajini is part of Krishnamachari’s team and went to speak with the accused parents, V Purushotham Naidu and his wife Padmaja. The father revealed that they used dumbbells and a trident to kill their daughters as they believed these items to be Lord Shiva’s ‘Dumroo’ and ‘Trishul.’ Killing the girls with something like that would make them ‘Pavitra’ (pure) and ensure their rebirth in a purer form.

The parents were lecturers at a college. Students of this couple approached Senior advocate PV Krishnamachari to defend the couple’s case. Rajini from the lawyer’s team went to meet the couple in jail. Later the couple was shifted to a mental hospital.

Rajini spoke with father Purushotham and he revealed that their elder daughter was the one who learnt about tantric puja. During her time in Bhopal, Alekhya trained herself in Tantric magic. Since the younger daughter Sai Divya was suffering with an illness, Alekhya suggested the family perform the Puja in order to cure her.

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The father said that the family had decided to die together. After performing the Puja, the couple will sacrifice the daughters first and then take their own lives. They believed this will help cure Sai Divya and will ensure her rebirth in a purer form. Along with Divya, others will also be reborn in the Satyug.

So they first sacrificed Sai Divya by smashing her head with dumbbells and later killed the elder daughter with a Trident.

What is it About

Highly educated parents have allegedly killed their two daughters believing the concept of re-birth. The incident took place at the couple’s house in Madanapalle city of Chittoor district. The accused parents including mother Padmaja and father Purushottam Naidu sacrificed their two daughters. Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22) were the victims.

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