Fake Oxymeter Apps Can Steal Your Personal Data, Hack Your Phone

 - Sakshi Post

With the corona second wave getting severe day by day, people are worried about their oxygen and blood levels. In this context, fake oximeter applications claiming to offer Covid-19 awareness and prevention techniques are being circulated online. But beware! Instead of being helpful, these applications may be intended to steal your fingerprint data and any other personal information on your phone.

SPO2 monitoring applications aren't compatible with all Android devices. As a result, a unique sensor is required in terms of hardware. If you download the Oximeter app, you should be aware that all oximeter apps do not monitor oxygen levels. Samsung Galaxy 9, as well as a few other premium phones come with SPO2 support by default. 

To begin with, check to see if your smartphone has a sensor and then download the app. Irrespective of the reading on the app, do not opt for self prescription. Always consult a doctor for any health issues. 

Now, Oximeter has become the most popular app in the play store. Similarly,  there are several fake apps claiming to be oximeter. And mind you, these can put your personal data at risk. So before you download any oximeter app, cross-check it carefully. Do not download the oximeter app with a link that comes via SMS, email, WhatsApp messages.

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